A Little Bit About Me



 Me sat sewing at my workshop (photo supplied by Country Homes and Interiors Magazine)



My name is Angela and I live in the beautiful Scottish Borders with my

very supportive husband, two wonderful children Matea who is 10 and

Finn who is 7, our scruffy adorable little dog Thistle and our two hens,

Dorothy and Henrietta.


I have always loved all things crafty probably as I was surrounded by it

whilst growing up and watching my Mum sewing, kniting, crochet, rug

making - you name it she did it!  Sadly she died when I was too young to

take a real interest other than appreciated good workmanship.  Luckily

for me it must be in the genes!    I use a lot of my Mum's equipment

including her sewing machine so feel a little bit of my love for my Mum

goes into each peace of work that I create.


I gave up work to be a full time Mum and when my youngest started full

time school I had more time and energy to concentrate on my passion and

that's when Ticketty Boo was born.   Oh, and also because I saw a tea

cosie and thought I could do that!  Several tea cosies and cushions later

and here I am. 


Why Ticketty Boo - well I use a lot of ticking fabric in my designs and my

family call me 'Boo' - please don't tell too many people!  Put the two

together and that sums up how I feel about my products 'Ticketty Boo'


         "Ticketty Boo (tik'i té boo')  adjective : everything in order,

         just as it should be"


You can find me at my workshop at The Hirsel Country Estate in

Coldstream in the Scottish Borders.  Please see my page 'Visiting The

Hirsel' for more information.   If you would like me to attend an event

that you are organising don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Angela x